KOSU TAXI AB Terms & conditions of sale

Revised on September 17, 2019, Stockholm

All terms and conditions have been written by KOSU TAXI AB. Swedish limited Company and the registration number is 556970-1872and our address is Handenterminalen 4, plan 9,136 40 Handen / Stockholm / Sweden . Inside these Terms we are the company that sale transport services, and (you) or (your) the person (passenger) that accept to buy our services. We inside these Terms describe our service conditions for mobile App booking and pre-booking  and call booking and cancellation of booking. Please our dear customer read these conditions carefully. If you our dear customer accept our conditions for taxi transportations that means you are binding to work by these conditions. But our dear customer if you do not accept these conditions you can't use our services.



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  1. STANDARD ARLANDA or VIP ARLANDA or LARGE ARLANDA bookings of trips from Stockholm through customs to Arlanda Airport and from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm through customs. If you would like Arlanda services, please our dear customers choose one of our Arlanda services from your KOSU TAXI customer App to get Arlanda Airport special prices. Our Arlanda airport services are STANDARD ARLANDA and VIP ARLANDA and GREAT ARLANDA. OBS!!! Our Arlanda special prices are only for trips from and to Stockholm through customs not for all Stockholm Land.
  2. These conditions means the standard terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and includes any

special terms and conditions agreed in writing between the customer and KOSU TAXI.

  1. KOSU TAXI means Service Provider that have the Taxi that accomplish the trip.
  2. Customer means the person or company who accepts the offer and conditions of the Services Provider.
  3. The Contract means buying the provider services by using Mobile App or Pre-booking or Call booking by a


  1. The Service means the service of transport to or from the required destination which the Provider is to supply in

accordance with these conditions.

  1. The Service Provider is responsible for the administrative, accounting and legal business of the company.


1- Baggage:

1.1 Customer shall be obliged to pack hand baggage properly.

1.2 Provider shall be entitled to refuse to transport hand baggage which, by its very nature, could bea nuisance, dangerous or illegal, or could cause damage or pollution. Such a situation will occur in any event if the hand baggage consists of a:

  1. firearms, striking and/or stabbing weapons;
  2. explosive substances;
  3. pressurized gases in reservoirs;
  4. combustible or highly flammable substances;
  5. substances with a strong unpleasant odor;
  6. narcotics;
  7. ammunition.

1.3 Provider shall be obliged to take reasonable care to ensure that hand baggage belonging to customer is not lost or damaged.

2- Animals Transport:

2.1 Additional costs may apply and this costs is the same for all services (STANDARD , VIP , LARGE). If the customer have animal he want take it with him it will cost 100 kr.

2.2 The animals may not be transported if they could cause any form of nuisance or hindrance to the Passenger or the Driver or if they are suffering from a serious illness.

3- Children Transport:

3.1 Additional costs may apply and this costs is the same for all services (STANDARD , VIP , LARGE). If the customer need child car safety seat it will cost 100 kr.

3.2 The parent and the driver must put on a seat belt on the child before the trip start.

4- Lost property:

Customer shall be notify Taxi Transportation Provider as quickly as possible of any objects or sums of money he lost. The Provider have right to accept and keep these objects or sums of money found until he find the owner of these objects or sums of money and return them to Its rightful owner , in exchange for a receipt. And he shall do everything which can reasonably be expected of him to find the owner or loser. And if the Service Provider cannot find the rightful owner for these lost things, he shall Hand it over to the nearest police station.

5- What should the Customer do or not to do inside the Taxi:

5.1 Customer shall be obliged:

  1. to follow all reasonable indications or instructions by Taxi Driver, such as sitting in the seat indicated by Taxi Driver to put on a seat belt before the trip start.

5.2 Inside the Taxi Customer shall be refrain to do the following:

  1. damaging and/or soiling the Taxi Car In case the Customer Responsible about this damage. Service Provider must notify Customer about this damage as quickly as possible, thereby indicating the nature and extent of the damage. In order for the Service Provider to receive appropriate compensation for that damage;
  2. All sexual acts in the Taxi are prohibited and Drinking alcohol in the Taxi is prohibited;
  3. transporting and/or using drugs or narcotics;
  4. the use of tobacco products, unless with the specific permission of Taxi Driver;
  5. aggression, fighting, harassing, threatening, or any other improper behavior towards Taxi Driver and/or others;
  6. hindrance in any form whatsoever the Taxi Driver in the performance of his task.

5.3 Customer shall be obliged to pay either the previously agreed price for the journey or the journey price indicated by the Mobile App.

5.4 Customer shall be authorized to amend the final destination during the journey.

5.5 In the event that Customer chooses to open the door himself, he shall be obliged to open the door in such a way that it does not form a hindrance and/or danger to traffic.

6- What should the Taxi Driver do or not to do:

6.1 Taxi Driver shall transport the Customer, and any hand baggage he is carrying, in a careful manner.

6.2 Taxi Driver shall take the Customer to the destination by the route most favorable to the Customer, whether it be the fastest or most economically beneficial, unless the Customer or the control room/switching center specifically requests or instructs a different route.

6.3 Taxi Driver shall be obliged, upon first request by the Customer, to provide proof of payment indicating at least the price of the trip, name of the company, name of the driver, date and (approximate) time of the trip.

6.4 The taxi driver he have a right to not accept any Customer who does not accept these Terms and Conditions.

6.5 The taxi driver is obliged to treat all personal information

about the customer carefully and confidentiality. In accordance with the Data Protection Act.

6.6 If there is cancellation of the whole or in part of the trip. The taxi driver should tell the customer about this as soon

as possible.( Read more about canceling the trip in a paragraph 9)

7- Payment:

7.1 Payment of the travel price shall be paid by the customer in the following manner to the service provider or to the taxi driver:

a- Pay by using Mobile App.

b- Pay with an invoice:


PlusGiro: 71 68 59-4.

BIC: NDEASESS.      Nordea Bank.

c-Swish:           KOSU TAXI.

Swish nu: 1231266055.

d-Bank Card:   Pay by using card terminal.


7.2 In case cash payments by Customer. Taxi Driver shall not be obliged to accept a number of coins in payment such that counting them would cause delay for Taxi Driver.

7.3 Implementation of the Transport agreement shall be based on Tariffs and Conditions as they are established by Service Provider in prices list in Company website. And we advise the customer to read these Tariffs and Conditions before make the booking of the trip.

8- Complaints and Disputes

Paragraphs inside this Agreement and any Complaints and Disputes shall be governed by the laws of Sweden. We take serious consideration of all complaints submitted to us and therefore to reduce the mistakes of the company

and improve the performance of services and reach the satisfaction of all customers as much as possible.

8.1 Complaints or Disputes will only be dealt with by the Service Provider if Customer has first submitted his complaint to Service Provider.

8.2 Our dear Customer any complaint shall send to our E-mail or by calling us by telephone number +46858630100.The Complaints about the trip mistakes must be fully and clearly described and submitted

to the Service Provider within two weeks. Late submission of the complaint may cause the Customer to lose his entitlements.

8.3 Service Provider shall make every effort, partly in order to prevent disputes, to take complaints by Customer

seriously and to deal with them within reason to the satisfaction of Customer.

8.4 In case the Service Provider Responsible about this damage. Customer must notify Service Provider in writing of this damage as quickly as possible, thereby indicating the nature and extent of the damage. In order for the customer to receive appropriate compensation for that damage.

8.5 In case that parties cannot reach settlement, The service provider should send the complaint to the Swedish Dispute Settlement Committee, specifically in the field of passenger transport.

9- Return/refund policies, Cancellation policies

9.1 The customer has the right to cancel all booked trips in advance or directly by the mobile application or through the phone by an oral or written notification.

9.2 In case of cancellation or changing of the trip. The Customer shall inform the Service Provider or Taxi Driver by an oral or written notification on the cancellation or changing. And in case of cancellation or changing of the pre-booking the Customer shall inform the Service Provider within 12 hours before the trip begin.

9.3 If the cancellation was after the trip start and before the Taxi car move. The price of the trip will return completely to Customer account.

9.4 If the cancellation takes place during the journey. The money collected from the Customer will be as much as the distance traveled from the start of the trip to the moment of cancellation of the trip. The rest of the money will

be returned to the Customer's account.

9.5During the trip if there is any cancellation or changing. The Customer and the Taxi driver they shall inform the Service Provider about the cancellation or change of the trip. This is so that the Service Provider can calculate the money deducted and returned money accurately.